A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Throwback Thursday: This Time Last Year

This time last year, we were in Florida with Miss Riley, who got to wear herself out daily in the pool.


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Throwback Thursday: Play Date

When Riley was just under a year old, a friend of mine from college came to town with his dog Daisy (also a Black Lab), and we all met up at Lake Galena for a play date, along with his parents’ dog, a white German Shepherd named Sabrina. At this point in her life, Riley hadn’t been around many other dogs yet. Before meeting Daisy at the lake, the only other dogs my dog had been around were my in-laws’ dog, a Golden Retriever also named Daisy, who wasn’t much interested in Riley (other than getting away from her!), and my BFF’s dogs, Emma and Homer, who had been up for a visit a few months before that. We didn’t live in a dog-heavy neighborhood.

So the first thing Daisy (and Sabrina) did upon meeting us was to go around back and try to sniff Riley’s butt. Riley was startled and possibly appalled, since by this time she seemed to think of herself as human. She backed away and sat down, as if to say, “Hey, what are you doing? We don’t do THAT!”

She was also pretty taken aback when Daisy found a dead fish on the shore and promptly dropped and rolled in it. Daisy had this look on her face as if to say, “Come on, it’s fun!” while Riley just eyed her, with an “Oh, I don’t think so!” look, and my friend tried to get Daisy off the stinky fish, and I laughed like a loon. Sabrina wasn’t into rolling in smelly things either — she was older and wiser, and found a shady picnic table to nap under.

Fortunately, Riley and Daisy did make friends, and played an energetic game of catch in the lake and on its shores. Riley proved to be fiercely competitive — in both of these shots, she’s the one with the toy:

Riley-Daisy Riley-Daisy2


I got the sad news from my friend that Daisy died on December 22, 2014, after a long and happy life with my friend and his family. We only met Daisy the once, but I will always remember that day. I hope Riley does too.

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Throwback Thursday: All the Way Back to Summer 2013

Here’s Miss Riley, fresh out of our in-laws’ pool, wondering when she can go back in.



Throwback Thursday: Pool Party

In 2012, we went on a road trip to south Florida, where my SIL and her husband live with their miniature Schnauzers (up to five now, but in 2012, they had two). The long hard drive (my husband drove 97% of the way; I hate highway driving and he’s a saint for putting up with me) was worth it for how Riley and Xander took to the pool:

Xander takes to the water like a fish

Xander takes to the water like a fish

Riley ventures into the deep end

Riley ventures into the deep end

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