A year in the life of our Miss Riley

The First Day of Spring

Pfffft. Yeah, right.


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Snow Puppy…Again

All winter, the weather has been crap, but we’ve also mostly escaped the Big Snow that New England has been experiencing. Until today. Last night when I took Riley out, it was raining and foggy. When I took her out at 5.30 this morning (sidebar: she slept through the night without having to go out!!!!!), it was snowing and clearly had been for a while — there was at least an inch on the ground. And it just kept coming — the snow didn’t stop until around 6 pm. I wish I wasn’t so sick of winter — I would be a lot more appreciative of the winter wonderland-ness of it all (though I did squeal with delight to see a fox in the woods today).

On the plus side, all the snow means Riley didn’t have nearly as far to jump off the porch, and though it’s a bit of a slog to walk in, it also seems to keep her upright. And of course, she loves to poke around in it.


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March 1, 2015

It snowed again today, then turned to freezing rain that’s coated everything with ice. Miss Riley and I are so over it.


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Snow Puppy

More snow (!!!!) today, just a dusting, but Riley enjoyed exploring all the same.


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Snow Changes Everything

Riley LOVES the snow. There’s something about snuffling through it that really appeals to her, as if she’s searching for all her favorite spots* under the blanket of white. She sticks her face in the snow, snorts a furrow, and when she pulls her head up, her muzzle is white (and not with age). If I wasn’t freezing my extremities off, we’d still be out there.


*Apparently, earlier today, she did find caviar from the deer while my husband was clearing the car and driveway.

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Throwback Thursday: More Snow

Here’s Riley in 2002, playing in a much deeper snow than what we’re getting now:




My husband took Riley out for her last “business trip” tonight. He came in and showed me these photos on his phone, which I promptly requested copies of to be today’s entry:

What's this? What's this? There's white things in the air!

What’s this? What’s this? There’s white things in the air!

We call this the Reverse Dalmation

We call this the Reverse Dalmatian

We have snow! It’s just a dusting, pretty much only sticking to the grass and not the streets. And it’s only November. I am NOT a fan of snow if I have to go to out, but it’s fine if I can watch it from a window with a nice fire lit or a cup of cocoa. Riley, on the other hand, LOVES the snow. If there’s any left tomorrow, she will definitely be out there, sniffing around like mad.

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