A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Sometimes It Pays to Be Old & Deaf

Today was the trifecta of noise on the home front: our bathroom renovation started, the house across the street (my office faces it) is being renovated, and neighbors down the street were murdering trees with a giant wood chipper. At one point, our little street was like a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road with all the trucksĀ battling for space.

Riley? Slept through it all:


Our workers fussed over her, as is her royal due, when they arrived, and then later when she woke up, she relocated to the dining room, where she could look up the steps and see what the guys were doing.


Power of Pack

Riley was happy today, with her whole pack relaxing in the den, so she settled in for a proper Saturday snooze.


Later, not so much. We went out for my nephew’s high school graduation dinner, and when we came home, we found her stuck under a dining room chair. Apparently she got up to look for us, and got herself into a spot of bother. It was the work of a minute to free her, then all was right with her world again.

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Riley is relieved it’s Friday — 2 days free of her people being trapped behind computers. Might cut into her nap time, though.


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Canine Advantage

Riley may pick up on my case of the Mondays, but she is in no way obligated to have her own. She naps the day away while I can only gazeĀ in envy.



Throwback Thursday: Napping Puppy

Speaking of napping, here’s Xander — one of the first photos we took of him after we brought him home.


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Dainty Napper

I love how Riley tucks her paw under her chin to nap.


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The Glory of a Nap

Today, while I toiled away at my desk, Riley snoozed without a care. Lucky dog.


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The Art of Contentment

I have to learn to be more like Riley. Several times today, I made the mistake thinking it was Thursday and that tomorrow was Friday, and wanted to bang my head against my desk. But look at Riley: so content. She doesn’t care what day it is. Of course, she’s a dog, and “Friday” doesn’t have the same meaning, but still, it’s a state of Zen for which I need to strive.



Pre-Dinner Nap

Riley spends her day napping, of course, but I like to imagine she has a schedule. She certainly changes position in the house throughout the day with purpose. The post-breakfast nap starts in the den, and if I’m home, the mid-morning nap (after the mid-morning walk) takes place in the office. Pre-dinner nap is back in the den — I confess I usually take a pre-dinner nap too!



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Midday Snooze

Caught Riley in deep snooze this afternoon — on her side, front paws crossed, eyes doing that weird thing they do when she sleeps, snoring up a storm!



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