A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Princess Picky

It’s really hard to tell if the latest cortisone and vitamin shot Riley got is helping her appetite, because she’s gotten even pickier about food. She’s now over eggs again — even eggs with cheese melted into them — and wants nothing to do with her regular kibble — even when there’s yogurt involved. We found a canned food she seems to like that even has a little higher fiber to keep her colitis from acting up. I fed her a full can in stages today. After I finished the can, she kept coming looking for more, so I opened another can and gave her some, and her attitude changed to, “Oh, this stuff? No thanks.”

The latest winner? Boiled chicken with broth. My husband made her some after her canned food refusal was followed by her egg and cheese shunning and then my mini breakdown. She lapped up the broth, then gulped down the chicken. Let’s hope this agrees with her and isn’t another transient taste. For her health and my sanity.

I'm not picky, just particular

I’m not picky, just particular


Please, Mum, I Want Some More

I slipped Riley a carrot stick while I was cooking dinner tonight, and to my delight, she actually came into the kitchen looking for more!


She had 3 little carrot sticks, ate all of her dinner, and even wanted more of that. Twice today I’ve seen her get up on her own, and twice she climbed the two porch steps herself. I don’t know whether it’s the shot she got or the fact that she’s eating again giving her strength. I’m just happy about it.


Behold, the Power of Cheese

Riley was sound asleep, on her side, snoring and twitching when I entered the kitchen this afternoon seeking a snack. I got some baby Swiss cheese and went back to my sunporch office. My butt had not even touched the chair when I heard her get up and come in after me. She got all up in my space, trying to get some cheese.

Alas, Riley is not allowed to have dairy any more. With her adorable face, it was hard not to give in, but I did not. The most she got was licking my fingers when all the cheese was gone. She seemed pretty OK with that, though. Maybe she just wanted to feel a part of the snacktime.


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Dang, It’s Empty

Riley really liked the smell of the blackberry ginger ale I had been drinking. Alas, it was empty.



Oh, C’mon!

I was cooking people food tonight, while Riley stood in the kitchen doorway giving me the stinkeye — mainly because I’d just unwrapped a stick of butter and didn’t let her lick the wrapper (no dairy in her new diet), but also because she wanted her dinner. Princesses are supposed to get fed before the commoners.


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You Have FOOD, Don’t You?

Riley has an unbeatable instinct for food. If she’s sound asleep when you get up to go to the kitchen, by the time you get there, she’s up, just in case food is in her immediate future. I’m sure she’s mostly deaf these days, but I swear she can hear the fridge door being opened from a room away.

Tonight, she was quite sure that I wanted to share my French macarons with her; she turned her nose towards me, and tried to get right up in my face — which made me decide to grab my camera with my other hand. As I was snapping her photo, she almost got her nose on the lemon one. Alas, macarons are the furthest thing from her current vet-approved diet — or even on her normal diet!

Big glowing eyes of persuasion were in vain.




We went out to dinner tonight and Riley was most put out about it. But we brought her our fortune cookies. I think she’s forgiven us.


Cookie Monster has nothing on Miss Riley! Check out that maniacal look in her eye!

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Birdsong, or Dogsong?

I was home sick today. I got up around seven to take care of Riley, then went back to bed. By late morning, I felt a little better and it had turned out to be a beautiful day. I took my laptop, my book, and a cuppa out to the sunporch (a sunporch day! in November!). Riley was sound asleep in the living room. Because it was such a beautiful day, the first in at least a week without soul-ripping winds, I hung the bird feeder, and was immediately rewarded when an entire flock of purple finches descended on the bounty. They were joined by the usual cast of characters — woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, juncos, goldfinches, sparrows, mourning doves, and the odd blue jay, as well as the half dozen squirrels that like to hang out at my feeder. So I sat in the warmth and enjoyed the show.

I heard the strangest sound. Part trill, part guttural hiss. I looked around at all the birds at the feeder and couldn’t for the life of me track the source of the sound. I grabbed my binoculars and started scanning the woods for crows, which were what immediately sprang to mind when I heard the call.

It came again, louder and longer. I got up and started tracking the sound…right to the living room. Riley was snoring up a storm, and from the other room it sounded completely different. Joke’s on me!

Later, she woke up and came out to the porch with me, where she got all up in my space because I was drinking a smoothie.


Can I have some?

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Smoothie Mooch

I poured myself a berry smoothie this afternoon, and Miss Riley was all over it. So I dipped my finger and let her lick it. She loved it, so one of these days I’ll have to make her one of her own.


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Selective Hearing

Call for her to come in, and nothing. Bring in a bag of chips, and Miss Riley’s all, “Hey, food for me?”


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