A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Riley Near, But Not IN, the Lilies

In some ways I’m a little sad that Riley no longer dives face-first into the lilies to sniff out who-knows-what, but at the same time, now the only thing trying to destroy them is the deer. And Riley can’t pick up who-knows-what from poking around in the high plants. She looks pretty happy where she is, though, so that’s a good thing.


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In Which All New Things Are Inspected

I bought lettuce plants today. Riley noticed.



Happy Face

Is there anything better than a dog who’s clearly happy to be exactly where she wants to be? Riley + lilies = Big Doggie Grin.


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If at First, You Don’t Succeed…

Riley conquers the lilies today that felled her last night. She had a merry old sniff-fest this afternoon.


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Slightly Less Lilies to Love

The deer have been going after everything like gangbusters (except my lemon balm — I can’t GIVE that stuff away!), but Miss Riley doesn’t care as long as there’s enough left for her to poke around in.


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September 7, 2014

It’s a day ending in Y so of course Miss Riley is poking around in my lilies…


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Tiptoe Through the Lilies…

OK, not so much tiptoe as stomp through them. Riley went on another sniff-and-dig exhibition today. I’d love to know what she likes so much under there…


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The Great Explorer

We don’t take Riley on neighborhood walks any more, because she can’t walk too far without getting winded, and her labored breathing makes the neighbors look at me like I’m a terrible dog mommy. But we do wander about the property and circle around the house. Riley’s become particularly interested in a half-dead bush near the corner of the house — don’t know if it’s the fox’s new pee-post or if the feral cat has been bedding down under there, or something worse that doesn’t bear thinking about.


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Garden Helper…Sort of

Over the weekend I bought kale and lettuce to have for the fall, along with a tomato plant (it was on sale and had tomatoes, and the ones I raised from seed never did anything, so why not?). Went outside in the cool of the evening — with Miss Riley — to pot everything up (I’m great with container gardens and small beds, but the rest of the place is Weed Central). Doing anything while she’s loose outside is still a bit of a risk after all these years — she may not run off after rabbits, but she’s still spry enough to get out of my sight PDQ. After Riley had her usual poke around my lilies, and checked various bushes and posts for pee-mail, she decided to see what I was up to. She was quite taken with the tomato plant:


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August 2, 2014: 14th Birthday

Today is Riley’s 14th birthday. She’s a lot slower than she used to be, but has pretty much the same zest for life she had as a puppy.¬†One of her favorite things to do is go fishing around in my lilies (this year also a hybrid mint patch). She doesn’t dig, per se, she just roots around enough to get down to the ground and get in a good sniff, ripping down stalks as she goes. Who knows what she finds down there, but she sure seems to like it.

Riley in the lilies

Riley in the lilies

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