A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Stormy Weather

Heavy rains moved in today, and the threat of more storms loomed overhead much of the day. Riley lifted her nose to the breeze, perhaps trying to sense if another shower was imminent.


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Gilded Puppy

The sun still shines golden on a black dog…


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A Plethora of Riley

Today’s photos were all so good, I couldn’t pick just one:



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Love a Good Doggie Grin

Hot day today; Riley spent most of it pressed up against her little fan. But she was still happy to go outside, as evidenced by her grin.


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Riley is relieved it’s Friday — 2 days free of her people being trapped behind computers. Might cut into her nap time, though.


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That Face

Riley spent some time in the sunporch today, checking out all the scents that blew in on the breeze.


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Pack Dynamics

When you have dogs, you become part of the pack and pack dynamics apply. My husband is the Alpha, He Who Must Be Obeyed. I am the Omega, the pack member who seems the weakest, but is actually a trusted caregiver. Our roles were very apparent today in how we got Riley (who defies all pack dynamics herself and is, in general, the Queen of Everything) to eat.

In a few intervals from morning to early afternoon, I brought Riley’s food from the freezer, set it down in front of her, and coaxed her into eating. She took morsels readily from my hand, and occasionally was eager enough to dive into the bowl for a few bites before she started looking for something in my hand again. End result: complete meal eaten.

This evening, my husband fed her. She barked as is her wont in the evening feeding time, but tried to do the sniff-and-walk-away move she’s patented in recent weeks. Alpha stood behind her and said, “Go on, eat.” And stood there implacable until she finished all but about two bites. Even then, he took up the bowl, followed her into the living room and got her to eat a little more.

Coaxing or command, whichever works. She’s got food in her, so that’s a good thing.


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Beltane Basking

Happy May Day, everyone! Riley joined me in my sunporch office today to enjoy the sun. She paid no attention to the bluejays on the birdbath right outside the window, but when two deer trotted through the back woods, she went on high alert. Homestead safely defended.


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Riley Gets Visitors

Yesterday, my phone chimed with a text — a very welcome text. My oldest friend in the world (we’ve been friends since we were 3 years old) was in town with her kids — could they stop by and visit? She and her oldest son had come to visit in January, and he had told his brother and sister all about Riley, and the other kids were dying to meet her.

So Mary, Ethan, Ezra, and Nora all came to visit today. Riley almost didn’t know what to make of all the attention, and she was in seventh heaven when the kids brought out paper for her to shred, much to their delight. It was a great visit, and it totally made Riley’s weekend (and mine). Thanks so much, gang, you are welcome any time!


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April 3, 2015


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