A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Science Gives Us Nine Reasons to Have a Dog

Science Says Get a Dog!


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A Plethora of Riley

Today’s photos were all so good, I couldn’t pick just one:



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Love a Good Doggie Grin

Hot day today; Riley spent most of it pressed up against her little fan. But she was still happy to go outside, as evidenced by her grin.


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Sunny Sunday

A good sunporch day today. Plus, we had visitors to liven Riley up — first my mother came for brunch, then my mother-in-law dropped by with her mini Schnauzer, Pepper. Riley’s not a huge fan of littler dogs — it’s not that she doesn’t like them, she just doesn’t seem to acknowledge them much. But today, she and Pepper took some good long sniffs of each other. Sadly, while my camera was in the other room.

But my puppy-girl was happy, engaged, and ate, so it was a good day.


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Summer Begins

Riley may not be crazy about the heat, but every now and then, she stops to soak up the sun all the same.


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The Blessing of Good Days

After yesterday, today was a good day. I went up to the vet’s to pick up a cortisone and vitamin shot for Riley. She didn’t want to eat much this morning, but she did eat tonight. She stuck by me all day, and it was good to have her company with me in my office — plus she was close enough for me to keep an eye on. We took quite a few walks as well.

Here she is, having checked her pee mail at the mailbox:


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An Abundance of Riley

Managed to capture a lot of good photos today!

She’s still handling the ramp really well:


Then went exploring:


All in all, she was pretty pleased with herself and her day:


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New Routine

Yesterday, my husband built Riley a ramp to get off the back porch. She refused to go down the bare wood, so he went out and got the same green turf carpet that’s on the back porch for the ramp. A little coaxing, and she went down. Tonight, she went down it with no prompting. All is right with our world again.


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In Which Riley May Help Birds Line Their Nests

Riley got a thorough brushing today. So much so that we probably could have made another dog with the hair that came out. I envision the birds might make use of the fluff floating around in the back yard now.

Riley seemed to enjoy the attention.



May 3, 2015


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