A year in the life of our Miss Riley

The Sacrifices She Makes…

Miss Riley is soooo over my late-night meetings. I reassured her this is the last one for this year.


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The Break in Routine Irks Her Highness

Tonight I had a conference call for work — late at night here, morning in Oz where we were calling. Riley came into the home office and took her customary spot, but she wasn’t happy about it. Good thing my phone was on mute during the presentation part, because she let out a few indignant yips. But then she wouldn’t go up to bed without me, either.

Why are we here NOW?

Why are we here NOW?

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Dogs Make Every Day Better

I had A Day. My lunch leaked out all over my new insulated lunch bag and I felt like I reeked of apple cider vinegar at the office all day. I got my flu shot and my arm is killing me. All I wanted to do when I got home was pass out, but I had two meetings to attend remotely, so I couldn’t.

When I got home, Riley came to greet me, and as she always does, she seemed to sense all was not well with her person. She stayed with me in the home office through both my meetings, and when I was done, she came with me to the couch, crashing right next to me. Even though my arm still hurts and now I have a headache on top of it, I feel 100% better.


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Breaking the Routine

Today was another day of Chainsaw Hell in my neighborhood, so I set up my home office in the kitchen until the tree killers left. Poor Miss Riley was so confused — why was I in the kitchen? She can’t stay in the kitchen with me — she needs carpet under her paws for traction, so she can’t be with me when I work there. For a while she settled in the dining room where she could at least see me in the kitchen. Fortunately, I was able to move to the sunporch and life went back to normal.


I am Most Perturbed, Mommy.

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Faithful Companion

I had a migraine today — it felt like I was literally pinned to the bed at my head. Riley stayed by my bedside the whole day. Tonight, I managed to stagger downstairs for a while, which seemed to reassure her.

You OK, Mom?

You OK, Mom?


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