A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Princess Clingy

Riley’s reduced mobility means she can’t up and follow me around when I do things around the house, particularly upstairs. Instead, she stands at the bottom on the steps and yips. If I don’t come down right away, she sits where she can see the steps and sulks.


I’m Princess Clingy from Clingtown, Clingania. (and so’s your dad!)

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My Coworker Joins My Meetings

Today, Miss Riley decided that she’s not as much of a silent partner in my home office days. I was in a meeting, and when someone on the line asked if anyone had anything to add to their point, Riley piped right up in the moment of silence. Apparently she feels really strongly about PR efforts around a product release.

She regrets nothing.


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Riley Gets Visitors

Yesterday, my phone chimed with a text — a very welcome text. My oldest friend in the world (we’ve been friends since we were 3 years old) was in town with her kids — could they stop by and visit? She and her oldest son had come to visit in January, and he had told his brother and sister all about Riley, and the other kids were dying to meet her.

So Mary, Ethan, Ezra, and Nora all came to visit today. Riley almost didn’t know what to make of all the attention, and she was in seventh heaven when the kids brought out paper for her to shred, much to their delight. It was a great visit, and it totally made Riley’s weekend (and mine). Thanks so much, gang, you are welcome any time!


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Dog Alarm

I am sick. Like, Code Milky Green sick. I have been dozing off and on between dosing myself with cold remedies. Since it was also a beautiful day, I chose to do this from the couch on the sunporch. Possibly a mistake, since when Riley decided it was time to eat, she came out to the sunporch, stood right next to my head, and barked.

Ow. She, apparently, regrets nothing.



April 7, 2015

My usual Tuesday — rush home in time to join a late meeting remotely. Riley came out on the sunporch with me and my laptop, but she was not amused at the lack of attention. But she kindly waited until I was off the phone to yip at me imperiously.


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April 2, 2015

Riley actually deigned to come out on the sunporch for a little while today while I was working (panting heavily in the middle of my conference call, but I was tickled all the same). I enjoyed it as much as possible because it’s supposed to be stormy tomorrow so I’ll be working inside.


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But Moooom…

You just came home from the office — why are you at your desk in the home office now? There’s things to sniff in the yard!


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Oh, C’mon!

I was cooking people food tonight, while Riley stood in the kitchen doorway giving me the stinkeye — mainly because I’d just unwrapped a stick of butter and didn’t let her lick the wrapper (no dairy in her new diet), but also because she wanted her dinner. Princesses are supposed to get fed before the commoners.


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Erm, Hello?

Riley stood in the doorway between the dining room and kitchen and watched me cook the human dinner. Her look was very much “where’s mine?”

And then when I fed her, she walked away before she finished her serving. Go figure.



Spring Soon?

Today my husband opened up the sunporch. It’s not heated, so we can’t use it in winter — I take the opening of the sunporch for the first time each year to mean “Spring is coming!” ┬áThe warmth of the sun conquers the outside chill and makes the room so warm and welcoming (it also helped that we had a veritable heatwave today — temps in the 40s!).

Even Riley came out for a little while. She didn’t come to stay, but she did drop in for some attention, as is her royal due.


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