A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Throwback Thursday: A Xander Story

on May 7, 2015

Riley’s contribution to my meeting yesterday reminded me of an incident with Xander a few years ago. When they were younger, both dogs would go on high alert at external noises, but especially Xander. I was working remotely one day, presenting at a meeting, and all was going well.

Then the UPS guy dropped a package on the front porch, right outside my home office. Not content with just dropping the package, he had to also knock on the door (for a package that didn’t need a signature — he just knocked to alert me).

Pandemonium ensued. And everyone in the downtown office thought I was being murdered or was under seige. Had I not been shouting reassurances to them over Xander’s “intruder alert” they probably would have called the cops.

And that is why for every meeting ever since, Xander had to sit in the laundry room.

Xander, August 2012, doing his best to get my attention by being adorable

Xander, August 2012, doing his best to get my attention by being adorable


One response to “Throwback Thursday: A Xander Story

  1. Awwww….he meant well, (Chuckling) but can’t blame you for rearranging the seating arrangements at your home office.

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