A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Spoke Too Soon

on January 9, 2015

Riley had another icky incident around 5 am today. I called the vet and arranged to take her in this afternoon. I gave her more Kaopectate, but didn’t withhold food, giving her a little cooked chicken and rice. Not as much as she wanted, of course.

Vet’s thinking is either giardiasis brought on by the deer droppings or a more long-term irritation from her Rimadyl that got aggravated by too much yogurt. We left a stool sample with him for analysis, but she came home with a course of metronidazole. We started her on it when we got home, then gave her a mostly normal dinner — making her the happiest dog in the world at that moment.

So now it’s a waiting game: for test results, for medication to kick in, for everything to settle down and get back to normal. Overall, though, I’m relieved now that the possibilities have been weighed and medication is in play.


Riley, wishing things were back to normal as much as her humans


3 responses to “Spoke Too Soon

  1. Hope riley is feeling better soon!

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  2. Sue Wood says:

    Could you switch the Rimadyl to Metacam? Apparently easier on the system than Rimadyl. Dear old Sheena took it every so often for “stiff old dog” days.

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