A year in the life of our Miss Riley

Poor Puppy

on January 7, 2015

Poor Everyone in the House, really, but especially poor puppy. Gory details ahead, you’ve been warned.

I was just about to drop off to sleep last night, around 11.30 or so, when Riley started to agitate. So I threw on socks, boots, and coat, and dragged her outside, where she proceeded to leave a rather large glob of diarrhea. Oh, hell no. Kept her outside until she was seemingly (seemingly!) emptied out, cleaned her up, and we went back to bed, where she did settle down pretty quickly.

It wasn’t over.

At 4.37 am, I was rudely awakened by my husband exclaiming in dismay. Riley had another episode, this time in a huge trail starting in her bed, going across the bedroom, down the hall, and into the guest bedroom. Miss Riley was trapped at the far end, afraid to navigate the trail of her own poop. We got her through the maze, and I took charge of her, getting her outside, then cleaned up, and this time, dosed with Kaopectate. Then I went to help with the other cleanup.

It STILL wasn’t over.

My husband had valiantly managed to steam clean the carpets upstairs then get himself dressed and out the door for work. I had settled on the couch with Riley next to me to catch just a little more sleep before starting my day in my home office.

7.40 am. Riley was on her feet, so I jumped to mine. In the time it took me to shove my feet into slippers and grab my coat, she let loose in the laundry room. We have indoor-outdoor rugs in there that clean up well when hosed off, but of course it’s too cold right now for us to even have a hose hooked up, so I had to do my best (which involved copious amounts of paper towels, Nature’s Miracle, baking soda, open windows in sub-freezing temps, and the vacuum with attachments).

I called the vet. Withhold food for at least 12 hours, dose her with Kao after every incident, and if it persists, bring her in. I really hope it doesn’t get to that point, though.

We have two theories about this problem. The first thought we both had was that we’ve been giving her too much yogurt and she’s developed lactose intolerance in her old age. Then I also remembered her chowing down on deer caviar yesterday — and apparently she had a lot of it. So maybe one or both of these things is at fault. Time will tell.

On the plus side, her spirits are fine. While I worked, she snoozed:


She’s been out 3 times since the last incident, no repeats. She’s sulking right now because the human dinner is cooking and she is not being fed. She’s very put out about that.

So fingers crossed please that the digestive blitzkrieg ends? I want my dog to be better and my house to not carry that faint hint of eau de poop.


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